Purpledisk (SAAS)

You can use PURPLEDISK as a software as a service model. This type of installations are hosted on our server and the respective clients are provided with subdomains for accessing the system. This type of service will have following charges

Purpledisk (Private Deployment)

If you are a large organisation and / or want PURPLEDISK to be deployed on server inside your data centre. This type of deployment will have following charges.

  1. Setup Charges (One Time)
  2. Support Call Charges (Charged per instance of call)
  3. Hardware Procurement Charges (One Time). - applicable only in cases where hardware is newly procured
  4. Datacentre charges (As per billing cycle). - appicable only if you dont have a datacentre

For a custom quote for your organisation.

Call Mr. Ratheesh Vijayan (Director Marketing & Support) at 0091 994 610 9570